Monday, September 1, 2008

Chicago, Chicago

Every time we take a trip to Indianapolis, Greg asks if we can fit in a visit to Chicago.  I've promised to do so many times, but it has never happened.  Thus, we realized that we would have to plan a trip to Chicago without trying to sandwich it into another excursion.  Then, the perfect alignment of the stars produced this: Labor Day weekend, our friends Jamie and Jimmy who live in Chicago, Greg and I both being off of work, and the Phillies playing the Cubs at Wrigley Field.  Tickets were purchased, plans were made, bada bing bada boom, a weekend of destiny.

I wrote a post from the Pittsburgh airport during a layover, griping about the hassle of air travel these days, but then I decided to skip it and focus on the positive.  I will say this, though. In addition to charging for checked baggage ($15 for the first, $25 for the second, and a staggering $125 if the bag is over 50 pounds) and charging for drinks--even water--during the flight, USAir has covered their tray tables with advertisements--on our flight, one for Verizon. The rub, of course, is that since they don't give you any food or water, no one actually opens his or her tray table.  /Nelson voice/  Ha ha!  /Nelson voice/

We fit an astonishing amount into 3 days and 3 nights: the baseball game, a boat tour of the city's architecture, Millenium park, the Art Institute, downtown Evanston, Guitar Hero, live band karaoke, the beach, Miracle Mile, the Newberry Library, the Dark Knight, World Market, Cajun food, deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, homemade lasagna, bi bim bop and bulgogi, Jamba Juice, Red Mango frozen yogurt, and some Old Style (or Old Bile, as our waiter said.)

The highlight of the trip for Greg was the game at Wrigley Field, in spite of the fact that the Phillies lost.  We sat in the rowdy and coveted bleacher seats, and had the honor of seeing a grand slam hit land right next to our seats.  (Wrong team, but what can you do?)

I especially enjoyed the architecture tour and swimming in Lake Michigan, especially when I discovered a previously unknown talent for walking on my hands underwater.  According to Greg, I have great form.  

But of course, the best part of the trip was catching up with friends, talking and joking as we walked around the city and relaxed in between events.  Andrea came up Saturday afternoon, almost got discovered during karaoke, and drove us to the airport Sunday morning.  Now it's back to school for both of us!

Jimmy, Jamie, Andrea and Greg enjoy Red Mango in Evanston.


Robyn said...

Love the Chicago pictures of Wrigley, Lake M, and the weird chrome building.
What's a Chicago hot dog?

Nicole said...

A Chicago-style hot dog involves a pickle spear, a poppy-seed bun, onions, a bunch of other stuff, and definitely NOT ketchup.