Thursday, September 25, 2008

free netflix trial, anyone?

This is my bulletin board.  A quick glance at it will tell you many things about me: my schedule (the blue rectangle on the bottom left), my finances (credit card statement is the white paper at the top), my political leaning (button bottom right), and what I do with Greg's old shirts (the pockets).  

If you look a little closer, you will also discover something of a paradox: I have pretensions to scholarly work, but I am one hardcore couch potato.  The white index card on the right has the name of a conference I'd like to submit a paper for; the white index card on the left has the dates my favorite TV shows premiere.  There are 12 on the list.  4 premiere tonight, and I'm so excited and embarrassed about my excitement I can hardly contain myself.  The Office!  Ugly Betty!  Survivor!  Grey's Anatomy!   Those first three shows I totally stand by; Grey's Anatomy is probably the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures.  

I love Survivor so much.  Don't even try to tell me that reality TV is trash, because I'm not buying.*  In fact, I am currently grading 20 freshman papers about reality TV, and I didn't even come up with that assignment, so there's got to be something to it.  Even more than watching Survivor, I love reading recaps of it here and here.  And this season is even more exciting because I know someone who knows someone who's on the show.  Paloma is the daughter of a CMF missionary who works with my dad.  Will she be cool?  Will she go far?  I can only hope.  And watch.  And read the recaps.

Also on my bulletin board: four free monthlong Netflix trials.  Most people I know already have Netflix, but if you don't and you'd like to try it, leave your address in the comments (or email me if you don't like making that info public: and I'll send one to you.  

*Disclaimer: just like any other genre, there are good and bad reality shows.  While I love shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, and Top Chef, you couldn't pay me to watch most of the shows on MTV and VH1.  But if you enjoy those shows, more power to you!  I don't judge!  I can't!  Have you seen my bulletin board?

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Aunt Peggy said...

Nicole, I so agree with you about Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and all the other show's premiering tonite. I'm trying to think of something really easy for dinner or perhaps nothing at all because I don't want it to interfere with the excitement of the night! aunt Peggy