Monday, September 8, 2008

weekend review

After months of dentist appointments, free time and ghost tours, I finally had a real week in Mercy Street.  Like, a week in which I had a schedule that will be my schedule for the next several months.  I'm happy to return to routine, because as great as summer is, I kind of need to be told where to go and what to do.  One of the perks of a week of routine is the weekend that follows.  So, in list form for easy reading, here was my first real weekend at Mercy Street:

grading papers
Trader Joe's
ghost tour

Not bad, although the Colts game was miserable.  Also, I blasted my Rent CD for the first time in many years in honor of the last performance on Broadway.  I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled, but come on, people!  This is a moment.  No day but today, and all that.

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