Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Old and the Beautiful

Last time on The Old and the Beautiful: Rita offered to lay in a parking spot for Greg, Nicole's husband.


Last night, Nicole returned home to difficult news: Rita had told Greg's father Dennis that she had a little bit of a crush on Greg.  She had also mentioned her desire to adopt him.  Dennis, attempting to prevent her homewrecking ways, mentioned Greg's grandfather.  Rita agreed that there might be room for him in her heart also.

However, Nicole had a little news of her own.  Nick, one of the trio of Nick, Frankie, and Nick who often sit on their stoops in the evening as a de facto neighborhood watch, had given Nicole a nickname.  Because he usually saw her returning from her ghost tours, decked out in a black cape and holding a lantern, he dubbed her Spooky.


Next time on The Old and the Beautiful: Greg and Nicole go to Chicago to see if they can make things work away from the trials of Mercy Street.  They return home Sunday, the day of the Mercy Street Block Party.  Will the simmering tensions rise to the surface?  Will Rita make her move over a hamburger??  Will Nick use his pet name for Nicole in front of Greg???


Erin G. said...

haha.. things really are heating up on Mercy Street. I think I'm going to have to meet Rita considering she is trying to take your place as my future sister in law!

Leslie said...

Ooh, now that's drama. I'd watch out for Rita...she sounds like a slick one.

The Editor said...

Stories like this are why I don't even have or need cable.

Rebecca said...

did someone used to work for TV guide?