Thursday, June 19, 2008


You've just moved into a new home, nothing is unpacked, there's no furniture, and it's the hottest weekend on record.  What do you do?  Have houseguests!  Andrea and her friend Shannon were in town for a wedding, so we put them up in the office.  It's the perfect size for some bookshelves and a desk, but add two sleeping bags and things are pretty tight.  Above, we have a picnic lunch while Mr. Sandless works downstairs.

One of the nights they were here we went out to dinner at a place called the South Philadelphia Tap Room.  Greg loves the place because it serves Boar Burgers, which he describes as tasting like bacon but in burger form.  One of the members of our party didn't have ID, so the waitress regretfully informed us that none of us could order from the bar.  We didn't mind drinking soda, but apparently they felt so bad about it that they sent us out a free dessert!  It was very tasty, but visually, well, it resembled feces. 

After that we broke in the new floor with a game of cards.  Below, Andrea and Shannon dolled up for the wedding.  I have to put this cute picture of Andrea in to soften the blow for the pictures I'll be posting soon...hehehe.


Andrea said...

Hey I have a great idea! Post EVERY TERRIBLE PICTURE OF ME that has EVER BEEN TAKEN!

Nicole said...

Come one, these ones are super cute!

Nicole said...

Your wish is my command---see the latest post.