Saturday, February 23, 2008

Window dressings

There's this thing they do in South Philly: decorate their windows and doors for the holidays. When we moved in, it was Christmas lights and Santa cutouts.  On approximately January 2nd, every window on the block had candy hearts and roses.  Now that Valentine's Day is over, however, things have gotten a little hairy.  Here are three pictures of three houses right next to each other and directly across the street from us, demonstrating the competing holidays.  (Apologies that the pictures are fuzzy; I took them from inside our own house so people wouldn't think I was nuts.)

Saint Patrick's Day

Chinese New Year


I'm trying to decide whether I should just put some nice seasonal flowers in our window box and leave it at that, or if I should fully embrace the tackiness and make it my goal to outdo everyone on the street.

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Leah said...

I think you need to join full-force. Imagine your window at Flag Day, Arbor Day, Labor Day...there are so many holidays to celebrate! Of course, if the Phillies go to the play offs again, you'll have an opportunity for late September decorating.