Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taped/Status update

This last week was spent taping over the joints and screws in the drywall.  Even more than last week, it feels like we really have walls.  At this point, there are a few more coats of spackle to put on, and then we'll be ready to sand the walls, prime them, and paint.  We also need to get carpet installed in the bedroom and office.  Other than that, the jobs left are fairly scattershot--fix the icemaker in the refrigerator (source of a big leak back on day 1), possibly replace some of the plumbing with wider pipes to increase the water pressure (it's really low in the shower), buy and install lighting fixtures and doors, fix a joist in the basement ceiling, etc.  Some of the jobs are more urgent than others, and some we can do on our own.  We keep getting the question when we'll be able to move in, and at this point it's still hard to tell.  However, we are closer than ever!

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