Sunday, February 3, 2008

For old time's sake

After rejoicing in the installation of the drywall, I decided to rip out another wall.  We had a few sheets of drywall left over, so it made sense.  Also, the wall (in the office) was covered with a textured wallpaper,  I had convinced myself that it would look cool when it was painted, but was kind of glad when we decided to take it out.  This one consisted of a layer of wallpaper, which had been painted, on top of paneling.  Below the paneling another layer of wallpaper sat directly on the plaster.  The paneling was gross-looking fake puke green wood, which we had seen in several other places.

This paneling had been glued to the wall (as opposed to being nailed into ferring strips) so I spent some time chipping the glue off.  

Other items on the agenda for the day: cleaning up the drywall mess, which was basically lots and lots of dust; rearranging the piles of spare junk in the basement (I used the power saw for the first time!); carrying spare pieces of drywall to the basement.  All told, we filled another 12 or so contractor bags.  Greg tried to take them to the dump but was turned away, so our back-"yard" (about 12 sq. feet of concrete) is now entirely covered with the bags.

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