Monday, February 18, 2008


With the drywall installed, taped, spackled and sanded, it's time for the trim to go up.  Roger, our contractor (and Greg's cousin) emailed us a list of what he wanted us to get for the trim. 

This is how the list read:

base 3 1/2" colonial feather edge 164'
1/4" shoe molding 31"
outside corner trim 1 1/8" wide 40'
mullion 2 - 8'  1 5/16" wide
door stop 1 1/4" wide 12'
pack of cedar shims
PL glue -- 1 big tube

To some, that list of items might make perfect sense.  For Greg and me, however, it required serious research and translation.  Mullion?  Eventually, we decided to just head over to Home Depot and hope we could figure it out.   We wandered up and down the trim aisle, checking available widths with what were required.  3 of the 5 sizes didn't seem to exist, so we tried to find the next closest.  A helpful employee showed me the difference between colonial edge and clamshell, which was a moment of major revelation.  We stupidly forgot to bring a writing utensil, so I was checking things off the list with a tube of lipstick I found in my purse.

When we finally (thought) we had what we needed, we checked out and faced the daunting obstacle of loading up the truck and transferring 16 foot lengths of trim back to the house.

Greg hung a Target grocery bag off the edge of the trim as a substitute for a caution flag.

It ended up going through the window in the back of the cab all the way to the windshield.

We secured it with bungees, but just to be sure, I hung on for dear life.  We made it back without incident, but unfortunately had misread the list and grabbed 4 feet of one item instead of 40.  Back to Home Depot!

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