Sunday, January 6, 2008

Signs of Progress

This morning, Dave offered to take us down the paint store where he works and advise us on primer and ceiling paint.  He also helped us get a good discount.  Dave got this job right around the time that our house search began in earnest, which is a pretty happy coincidence.  Although it will still be a while until we put any paint on the walls, and although we didn't pick any fun colors yet, it felt like progress.

Also a sign of progress: the first genuine act of construction rather than demolition.  Dave and Dennis began nailing ferring strips to the ceiling which will be used to anchor the drywall.  Unfortunately, they had trouble with the nail gun and didn't get too far.  Still, it was a beautiful moment.

And finally, Dennis and Greg picked up some fresh, clean, non-rotting 2-x-4s that will be used to frame some closets and walls.  They're so shiny and pretty.

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