Sunday, January 6, 2008

Like picking a scab

This is what happened when everyone else was working on a project and I had nothing to do: I accidentally pulled down all the wallpaper in the bathroom.  We had originally planned to paint over it because we were worried that if we tried to get it down, we'd just reveal more paneling, which might lead to gutting the bathroom, which is definitely not something we can afford to do.  Thus, we were willing to do a cover-up job.  However, we did want to try to get the border down to cut down on the number of seams that would show.

When I started to work on the border, I realized that it wasn't actually paneling behind the paper, it was a real live wall!  I felt compelled to honor this wall, one of the only ones in the house, by getting all the wallpaper off.  Then, I reasoned to myself, we could just paint the walls.  The paper had been applied shoddily, full of bubbles and peeling sections, so painting the wall seemed preferable.

However, the wall itself had been scored, meaning it looked like someone had taken a knife and tried to hack it to pieces.  In many places it's uneven and full of ridges.  In other words, a coat of paint is not going to look as great as I'd hoped.  We might put another kind of wallpaper up, or we might just paint and deal with a goofily-textured wall.  But personally, I enjoyed my frenzied hour of ripping.

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