Saturday, January 26, 2008


For weeks, we had been both anticipating and dreading the moment when we could finally get the drywall delivered to Mercy Street.  We were eager to get walls up, but nervous about getting a truck like this:

down a street like this:

As it turns out, you can't.  So we called all the strong young men we knew, ordered the drywall for Saturday morning, and hoped for the best.  They told us the delivery would take place between 9 am and noon, so, having waited for the cable guy many times in the past, we expected them around 2.  However, Greg called early Saturday morning and they said they would be there by 9, so we got dressed quickly, called our volunteers, picked up donuts and coffee, and set off.  As we crossed the Walt Whitman Bridge from New Jersey to Philadelphia, Greg wondered aloud when the truck would actually arrive.  I glanced around and saw a truck carrying a load of drywall sitting right next to us, waiting to go through the toll.  Yes, it was ours.  We sped ahead and managed to set up the coffee and donuts before he arrived.  He parked at the end of our street.  Here's what the process looked like:

Unload the drywall from the truck (as demonstrated by Dennis and Michael)

Carry the drywall down the street (as demonstrated by Jim, Dave, and Mike)

Lean the drywall against our steps

Pose for a picture (as demonstrated by Erica and Dustin)

Wait while the others get a sheet up the stairs (Dustin, Michael, Dennis, Greg, Dave)

Maneuver the stairs (Greg, Dave, Mike)


It was hard work (or so I hear; I didn't actually carry any drywall myself) and there were over 50 sheets at lengths up to 16 feet, so we owe a big thanks to all who helped.  We'll call you when we paint an move our stuff!

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