Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eventful Saturday

Our rough plan for today was to meet our friends Jim and Leah at the house for a quick tour, go out for brunch, then return to the house for an afternoon of work. During the tour, Leah commented on the lovely leak in our basement. Wait, what? Yes, we had a leak, which apparently developed when Roger was working on the valves for the washing machine, yeah, I'm not sure. In any case, we had a leak. Luckily, our own personal plumbers, Dennis and Barbara, were on their way. They taped up the leak while we were at brunch, which just goes to show you how fantastic they are.

After brunch, Dennis took me down to the basement to show me what they had done, when we heard the distinct sound of dripping water. This time, it was the...uh...release valve from the boiler? I'm not sure, but it was a different pipe and it was dripping pretty steadily. Dennis called Roger for advice, and while they were talking, I fiddled with a few valves, leading to a gushing waterfall spraying sort of effect. Fortunately, Roger managed to pinpoint the source of the leak, so we managed to shut off the valve for a temporary fix. A quick mop, and we were ready to move on with our day.

Tasks included: another trip to the dump, removing the bathroom mirror and light fixture to get at the wallpaper behind said mirror and light fixture, another trip to Lowe's for lumber, removing staple from the stairs, nailing more ferring strips to the ceiling, and cutting the paneling that was stuck behind the radiators. Which is what Greg and Jim are doing in this picture, although it's hard to tell.

Also, I finished cleaning the office air conditioner and moved on to the bedroom air conditioner, which is mounted about six feet high on the bedroom wall. I had to stand on a ladder, and in order to keep the Q-tips easily accessible, I stuck them in my hair.

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