Friday, December 28, 2007


After walking the streets of South Philly, thinking about location, maintenance, and budget, this is the house that Greg and Nicole bought.  There's a lot of demolition to be done, many decisions to be made, and bills to be paid, but we're happy with our choice and eager to get started.


Linda said...

Best of luck in your new house!!!!!Once everything is done(if it ever is when you own a house)it will be beautiful! I had some good laughs reading your stories. Good luck and don't get hurt!
The Megahans

k@D said...

Dear Greg and Nicole,
What an adventure you are having. Happy New Year and best wishes on your new home. All the hammer swinging practice you had during college breaks will come in handy as you make your own habitat happier. Love, Dennis and Kathy Mignone

The Yeagers said...

Dear Greg and Nicole,

We really enjoyed the pictures of your new home. When you are finished we would like to come over for some Salisbury Steak, share a glass of Creme de menthe, and play a game of Sorry. Best of luck to you both. We are very excited and can't wait to see it.
The Yeagers

The Sauls said...

Hey Greg and Nicole,
We are really enjoying the pictures and stories about your new house. Still laughing about the "mirror in the body bag" You guys are creating unforgettable memories. Can't wait to visit...
The Sauls