Sunday, December 30, 2007

Howdy Neighbor

Over the last few days, we've met a few neighbors.  Across the street is Rita, who's lived in her house for 50 years, but told us about two other women who have lived on the street longer than she has.  Next door is Lou, a student a University of the Arts.  We also met Nick, a 27 year-old who's been here his whole life.   At this point, I think Greg is most excited about the elderly ladies and the hope that they'll bake him pizzelles if he shovels their stoops. 

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Robyn said...

Daddy and I are sitting in the Portland Airport reading this and laughing! Hope those sweet little old pizzelle-baking ladies don't report Greg and you to the vice unit!

That's alot of fun to read--did you send it to all of the family? If not, I will?