Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 3: Layers

We've concluded that the previous owners either owned a paneling store or kept one in business--there are at least five varieties.  And that's not counting the layers of wallpaper: gold glitter spatters on top of green stripes on top ofwhite-based floral on top of gray-based floral--on top of plaster, in between layers of paneling.  

Today the walls start coming down.  Greg's cousin, a contractor, spent the morning looking things over and confirming that gutting the place and then hanging sheetrock is the best option.  It's a big expense that we hadn't planned on, but the difference it will make will be huge.  Below are the right and left walls.  The layers of paneling on the right wall were held up with glue, which makes for an interesting animal-print effect.   

The layers on the left wall were held up with ferring strips--not quite as picturesque, but it gives us something to hang the sheetrock on.

Day 3 is also the day that Andrea showed up to graciously spend her Christmas break helping us out.  As usual, she stole my camera and took pictures of herself.

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