Monday, May 12, 2008

the magical floating hutch

Our kichen has a magical floating hutch in the corner.  I was really excited to see the hutch at first, because I've always thought the corner ones are a neat use of space.  I didn't notice the magical floating element right away, but when I did, I felt even luckier!  You'll notice that the previous owners didn't bother painting the whole radiator because it's mainly hidden.

As excited as I was to have a magical floating hutch, it wasn't particularly attractive.  However, a little paint and elbow grease (thanks Greg!) and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

One of the first steps was to try to attach it more securely to the wall, but our efforts were pretty ineffective.  It's attached fairly loosely--in other words, if you shake it, it does indeed shake.  But we can't really take it down and rehang it because we're afraid of what we'll find behind it if we do, knowing that the house is kind of like a giant game of pick-up sticks.  Greg spackled the big holes and cracks to at least make it look a little better.

Here are some more views of the finished product.

I really like these crazy coral handles.  It took Greg a few minutes, but I think he's come around.


Andrea said...

That looks so cool. It really does. SUBMIT IT TO AT.PHILLY!

Anonymous said...

Love the coral handles! Better be careful what you store in it that its not too heavy! :)

Abbie said...

I love the handles. Where did you find them?

Nicole said...

Thanks for the love, y'all. It's exciting because it feels like the first completed decorative project--the painting didn't really count.
I got the handles at Anthropology (Anthropologie?) It's a fun place. Come up to Philly, Abbie, and we'll take a tour!