Sunday, May 18, 2008

general update

This is our basement before I scrubbed it yesterday.  It looked pretty much the same after I scrubbed it, but it was an important psychological step.  It is now ready to accept boxes from our storage unit!  Greg's dad and cousin Roger (who together have done all of the skilled labor on the house) did the work of five men Friday, finishing up the electrical and plumbing work, fixing our refrigerator so that it is FINALLY not sitting in the middle of the kitchen doorway, and some other odds and ends.  There are one or two more projects to go (propping up a joist in the basement, figuring out the best approach to "refinishing" the wood floor), but once the carpet goes in (we're measured and ordered, just waiting for the order to come in and the installation to happen) we will start moving stuff in upstairs.  

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