Wednesday, April 16, 2008


One of the reasons we ended up buying the house we did was because of that old real estate maxim: location, location, location.  For those of you not familiar with Philadelphia, it's very helpfully laid out in a grid.  Broad Street runs North-South and Market Street runs East-West. The two intersect at City Hall.  Our place is about two miles south of City Hall, and Temple University, where I am a student, is about two miles north.  

All I have to do to get to school is walk a block, hop on the subway, and ride for 15 minutes.  It's very convenient, especially compared to my current commute: drive to a regional rail station (10 minutes), ride the train (30 minutes), walk a few blocks to the subway (5 minutes), ride to Temple (10 minutes).  When you add in waiting for the trains, it's easily an hour-long trip.  I don't mind too much because I get a lot of reading done, but it's not like I can just hop on over to school to pick up a book at the library or check my mailbox.  Additionally, it's not cheap--the round-trip fare is almost $10. When we live in the city, I will be able to get to school quickly and cheaply, and we will be able to get rid of one of our cars and reduce our expenses and carbon footprint.  

These are a few pictures of Temple, which I took Saturday.  I spent the day in the library while Greg was busy working at the house.  These pictures show the more picturesque parts of the campus.  The building I spend most of my time in is actually really ugly and poorly-designed to boot.  It's a very neat place, though.  The campus is huge (at least compared to the other schools I've attended) and urban and always PACKED with students--total enrollment is over 35,000.  

One of the best-and most dangerous-aspect of the school is that you can get any kind of food your heart desires, from Middle Eastern to pizza to Vietnamese to cheesesteaks to Korean to crepes to salads.  I have to walk past a lot of these food stalls to get to my building, and resisting the delicious smells is definitely an act of willpower.

There's the Temple Owl.

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Felicia said...

Ah! I miss Temple so. Best campus for food. Not to mention sitting in Founder's Circle or whatever it's called with all the shade or lying on the grass near the Bell Tower. You appreciate those little sanctuaries so much more when they're in the middle of a busy, crowded, urban setting.