Monday, April 28, 2008

bathroom update

Over the last few years, Greg has been slowly turning into an old man.  It's not that he has gone gray or hard of hearing, but that he's started shaving the old-fashioned way, with a non-disposable razor and badger bristle brush rather than a Bic and a can of Barbasol.  This stuff was his Christmas gift last year, and this year he got a terrycloth bathrobe and slippers.  

All that is to explain why he hung two hand towel racks in the bathroom--one is for a hand towel and the other is for his shaving towel.  I'm cool with it as long as he doesn't start referring to me as a broad or a skirt.

And here's the new light fixture above the mirror.

And very important as well, the toilet paper dispenser.  I much prefer this kind (slide-off) to the kind you have to squeeze and maneuver while you're indisposed.  


mantic59 said...

His next gift should be a badger hair shaving brush. Much better than the boar hair versions.

Nicole said...

OH yeah, my mistake. That's what he has. Thanks!

Jamie said...

You should have also pasted the picture of Greg in his blind old man sunglasses. He's an honorary senior citizen.