Saturday, April 19, 2008

minor announcement

If you've been reading this blog lately, then you might have noticed a decreasing number of renovation-related posts and an increasing number of posts about life in the city.  This is partly because the stuff going on with the house right now is pretty boring--it seems like we've been painting for weeks.  Oh wait, we have.  But it's also because I've been enjoying the blogging so much that I want to write posts even when there's not much house-related stuff to talk about.  

When I started working on the blog in December, I figured it would be a good way to let off steam while we were doing the repairs, and when we moved in, I'd have a record of all the work we had done.  But now I'm planning on continuing to post even after we move in, writing about the places we discover in our neighborhood, what it's like to move from the suburbs to the city, and probably many other things.

So if you're only reading for tips on how to gut a rowhome, feel free to jump ship.  But I hope you'll continue to read and comment!


Jamie said...

And, I'm out.

Just kidding :-)

Poor Obama - he got no love from Philly last night.

Nicole said...

On to Indiana...I'm working on Andrea.

Abbie said...

Blog on, Nicole. Mercy Street is my favorite place on the 'net, as the kids call it.

Nicole said...

Thanks Abbie! Here's my favorite place on the net:

You might like it too.