Monday, March 10, 2008

Primed and ready

Another weekend painting.  Our friend Rachel came up from D.C. to lend her expertise, which was considerable.  I now understand the W much more than I did before.  Above, Rachel and Greg put the final coat on the downstairs ceiling.

Rachel models her new painting shoes that we picked up at Sears Essentials.  It's hard to tell, but those are little broken pink hearts.  Painting with pathos.

This is the first coat in the office going on over the primer.  We managed to get the second coat up in the waning hours of daylight--Daylight Savings Time means more time to work!

This is what the paint for the bedroom looked like when we first took off the lid.  Luckily, once we stirred it up, it looked more like the color I ordered.  Which was definitely not magenta.

Pretty swirlies!

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