Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our current residence

Having devoted so much space on this blog to our future residence, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at where we're staying while we do the work on our house.  Greg's parents have been gracious enough to let us crash in their guest room for...well, going on nine months now.  Before that, we lived in an apartment with two large bedrooms and tons of storage space.  (The bathroom was another story--I banged my elbow against the door whenever I tried to flush the toilet.)   When we moved in with Greg's family, we only expected to be there a few months, so we stored all our winter clothes along with our furniture--whoops. As the months went by, stuff accumulated...

Here's a tour of our current space:

The bedroom

The office

The living room

The hallway/dining room/dressing room/sitting room/sun room

The closet

All kidding aside, it's a very nice room, pleasantly decorated with a nice view and a comfortable bed.  But between Greg's shoes:

and my pile of schoolbooks that multiplies daily as the semester draws to a close:

we're looking forward to Mercy Street.

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