Wednesday, March 26, 2008


While I've still barely thought about things like what kind of furniture I want to get, for some reason I have known since before we bought our house that I wanted these specific blinds. They seem very natural and simple, which really goes well with the look I'm going for.  Every time I've walked through Ikea in the last six months, I point them out to whoever I happen to be with.  The other night, that person was our friend Leah.  The only problem was that I couldn't point the blinds out to her because they weren't there.  I panicked.  The idea that they would go out of stock had never crossed my mind, and I planned to use these blinds in almost every room!  

I was hoping against hope that maybe this particular Ikea didn't keep them in stock, but that I'd surely be able to find them at my South Philly Ikea.  So Leah and I kept going, reliving our experience in a German Ikea this past summer.  During that trip, our husbands, who have two graduate degrees between them, got so lost and confused among the Flarkes and Basisks that they looked like scared little puppies when we found them.

As we were about to check out, Leah suddenly pointed to a big sign that said something like "LAST CHANCE."  Underneath the sign was a bin full of my blinds!  On sale!!  I loaded up my cart, brushing aside the fact that I hadn't measured any of the windows and actually have no idea if the blinds will work.  Thanks to Leah for helping me preserve my vision.  Perhaps there'll be a later post about the tragedy of the blinds that just don't work, but I'm hoping that's not the case.

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